1 Year and counting!

Hey friends and family, Mike and Erin here. We’re starting this blog so that you all will have an easy way to keep in contact with us when we’re in Sweden next year. We’re still exactly a year away from when we’ll be arriving in Lund, Sweden so this blog will be pretty slow for a while. But as we get closer and closer to our trip, things will begin to pick up.

“Dobnoredo” is a Gaulish word that means “world traveller”. Actually it might be conjugated to be “To the World Traveller”, I’m not sure. I don’t know Gaulish well enough to know if the grammar is correct but it’s still a cool word. Gaulish is a dead celtic language from central Europe. It was spoken in France, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, and other countries in that area during the pre-christian, Roman times.

We’ll be taking loads and loads of pictures and video to post up to this website and we might even set up a webcam so we can talk face to face from time to time. On this blog we’ll also talk about anthropological and archeological topics, even if they don’t relate to the places we’ll be visiting on this trip. Add the blog to your bookmarks!



One response

  1. mom

    Hello my loves! This is very cool. I say yes to the web-cam. I’ll need to see your faces often!

    August 2, 2010 at 10:30 pm

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