Curio Cabinet Project

My dad and I have been working on a curio cabinet. It’s not done yet but I just couldn’t wait to take some “action shots” of it with all of the creepy stuff I could find around my house. Some of the things I included were a jar with a resin crow skull in it, a brass bowl that has real boar tusks inside, a jar of mugwort and a jar of muslin bags so I can make tea. The coyote skull is real and the swirl patterns are done in pencil. I can’t decide yet if I want to carve it or paint it. The long bone is real but I’m not sure what kind of animal it came from. It was left on my porch by a coyote so I assume it was once a neighbor’s dog.

The burned parchment with the design on it was aged with coffee (it smells delicious). The design on the paper is something I came up with yesterday specifically to include with this project. It’s a cryptic, medieval-looking diagram of how to make beer. I figured I would combine my two passions of homebrewing, and making creepy props. 😉 There’s also an armillary sphere and last but not least, you can see my 13″ clay pipe. I don’t smoke it much because it gets too hot, but it looks really cool!


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