Epic Disappointment

Long lost message?! … oh.


I thought I would share a funny story from the Museum of Man Collections Lab. Today, I was going about my business analyzing Southwestern basketry for condition reporting. I grabbed a historic glass bottle tightly encased in plant material weaving. Beautiful object! I need its catalog number for identification before doing a condition report. The catalog number is usually written on an easily accessible place, but not an obvious spot that would be exposed during exhibition. In this case, it could be found on the bottom. I gently turned it upside down for the catalog number, retrieved it, and carefully set it back down. *TAP* …Hm! Something is inside! I turned it upside down to retrieve the mysterious rattler, but nothing would come out! I tilt it this way and I tilt it that way… I tip it down and back up… Aha! I see a rolled up piece of paper! I see a bit of the edge of the scroll! Wow! A long lost message, perhaps? A love note? An SOS? A grocery list? I must get the flashlight!


After retrieving the flashlight, aiming it in the bottle, and more maneuvering to get part of the scroll against the small opening of the bottle….I see right through the middle of the scroll and…..

IT’S BLANK! ggrrrr

No, I refuse to accept the scroll is blank. I maneuver the bottle some more to peek in between the coils….I can see in! …..

IT’S BLANK! gggrrrr

No! No one would put a blank scroll in this historic bottle. I maneuver the bottle some more to get a view of the outside of the scroll…..I CAN SEE WRITING! I SEE IT! IT SAYS…..HOLD ON….A NUMBER! IT’S…..it’s….[body slouch] it’s the catalog number. The catalog number.

I plan on finding the laboratory worker with this terrible sense of humor and smacking them.


Epic Disappointment.

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