One week until we leave!

With just one week until we leave (July 29th), this blog should finally start picking up a little. I thought I’d take this opportunity to remind you all of some of the extra features that might be easy to forget about. The column you see to the right of the page contains lots of information and is updated and changed frequently.

At the top is the definition of the word “Dobnoredo.”

Below that is the Shameless_Donation_Button™ that I mentioned yesterday.

Under that you will normally find an image and a link related to our current Culture of the Month, but we’ve been to busy to update that feature lately. Culture of the Month (CotM) will return once we’ve settled in Sweden.

Below where CotM should be, you will find Erin’s “Pic of the Week” with a description of whatever archeological artifact is pictured. If you click the photo it will take you to the new article with more information. Like CotM, this feature will be updated more regularly once we settle down in Sweden.

Next is a little pulldown menu where you can choose the post categories you want to see. If you’re a family member for instance, and you want to skip all of our Culture of the Month stuff and just get right to what we’re doing every day, you can choose the “Sweden” or “Travel” option to filter out everything else.

Below that is a list of books we’re currently reading. Although I have to admit that, for me (Mike) at least, I’m not reading most of these books anymore. I’m currently reading some science-fiction book, but I left up the anthropology books because it makes me feel smarter ;). More info on some of the books we have lined up or keep for reference can be seen on the “Our Kindle” page.

Under the “Currently Reading” section, you’ll find our Twitter feed. Again, this will become more active when we get to Sweden. We announce on Twitter whenever a new update is posted here on the blog, so if you don’t want to keep checking here every day for a new update, you can just follow us on Twitter. (@dobnoredo)

And finally, below our Twitter feed, you’ll see the current weather in Skåne (roughly pronounced “skoa-nah”), the area of Sweden in which we’ll be living.

So that’s it! Thanks for checking out our blog! Come back frequently because we’ll try to post updates as frequently as possible. We’re going to shoot for daily.

Bonus: Here’s a picture of a list of the courses that Erin will be taking at Lund University



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