Tomorrow is the day!

We’re all packed and ready to go to the airport tomorrow morning! Erin and I were actually able to pack all of our clothes into one duffle bag. Talk about packing light! We have clothes for about 5 days (with extra socks/underwear). We don’t need much more than that because we’ll have a laundry room. We plan to buy snow clothes in the country because it won’t be cold when we get there. Here’s a shot of our clothing bag.


Although the thing about packing light is thrown out the window again once you realize that we both also have a carry-on and a personal bag each.

My carry-on is basically a mobile 3D-animation studio. It has my giant oversized laptop, my pen tablet, all of our electronic cables (cell phone, kindle, power, etc), and my mouse.

Erin’s carry-on has her laptop and all of our cosmetic stuff (which isn’t much thankfully.)

Erin’s personal bag is just her purse with…purse stuff in it. Whatever that means. It’s a mystery to husbands.

My personal bag is really just a camera bag with camera stuff in it.

And that’s it! I hope we don’t forget anything.

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