Sorry for the delay.

We know you all just want us to post our pictures already. We’ve been unable to plug in our laptop because the adapter we bought only had 2prongs on the american side and the laptops require 3 prongs. We’re going out today after our laundry is done to get new adapters. After that, the pictures will start flowing. Our cameras’ memory cards are bursting at the seems with amazing photos that we can’t wait to show you. We’re trying our hardest to make today the day that we can finally stay updating the blog for real.

But in the mean time, we are safely in our apartment in Malmö. We’re still getting used to the public transportation, the strange store hours, and the Swedish instructions in the laundry room. About that, the laundry room will make an interesting subject for a video update. It involves getting through multiple locked doors with a keycard and it looks like a depressing underground soviet secret prison. The architecture of apartment buildings in Scandinavia generally look very soviet. The inside however is a different story. Our apartment is amazing! Pictures coming tonight (or rather, tomorrow morning if you’re on pacific time)

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