Erin had her first Swedish conversation in the wild!

I was really impressed! It was a simple conversation with an old man at the bus stop. He asked where the bus was going or which number was the correct bus or something like that, and then he and Erin started talking about where we are from and where he is from. Apparently he’s Austrian and he moved here to study and because he met a woman. I was a little vague on that point since I couldn’t understand a single word of what was being said.

Later that day on the way home, Erin over heard a conversation between two men about where the train was going. One was under the wrong impression about the next stop and Erin was able to correct him in Swedish. SO not only was she able to have a conversation with someone who knew she doesn’t speak Swedish and spoke slowly for her, she was also able to understand two native Swedes speaking at full speed. I was blown away!

Today we’re visiting Lund to take pictures because we realized this blog has been lacking in that department. So keep an eye out for that later today.

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