Today Erin surprised me when she came home from school with more Archaeology books from the Library. Apparently they refilled the “for sale” shelf after we tore it apart the last time we were there. Erin also surprised me by coming home with groceries. We’re having stuffed bell peppers on the balcony with wine and candlelight. So awesome! But back to the books. They are:

Patterns of Deposition and Settlement: Studies on the Megalithic Tombs of West Scania
This one is interesting because we’re in West Scania right now. Maybe we’ll be able to visit some of the tombs described in this book.

Der diluviale Mensch in Europa
Another old German archaeology book. This one is from 1903. The title is handwritten on the cover and the pages are yellow with age. Awesome.

An Early Mycenaean Settlement at Asine: The Late Helladic IIB-III A:1 Pottery
This seems to be a report of a dig on an ancient Greek settlement.

Rock Carvings of Uppland: A Guide
Tons of beautiful sketches and photos of rock carvings in Scandinavia!

Air Photography and Celtic Field Research in the Netherland (Plus a HUGE collection of maps that goes with the book)
It’s exactly what it sounds like. I can’t wait to hang the maps somewhere when we get home.


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