Jag är kall. Fryser du?

Hello family and friends!

Ok, mid-50s might not be so cold for some of you…but it’s cold for me! School is going great! I’m soaking up the material and enjoying every minute of it. I wanted to let everyone know a little important fact about Sweden that would’ve been helpful for us to know. Apparently, the majority of historical sites close for the late fall and winter seasons. Yes, you can imagine how let down I felt. Sites like Kiviksgraven (King’s Grave), Eketorp (an iron age fort), Birka (a reconstructed Viking town), and Foteviken Kulturcenter (another reconstructed viking town with a small indoor museum) close in early or mid-September. Thankfully, we were able to catch the last day of Foteviken’s open season, but we just missed the other three sites among others. There are still other great sites open like many indoor museums, historic churches, Ales Stenar, and other grave sites on public land. We will try to make the most of what is left open. Until then, enjoy life in San Diego! Savor the taste of real avocados…delicious hot cheetos…all the mexican candy you can dream of…Miguel’s cocina white sauce… *ahem* MEANWHILE, I will enjoy the cold weather, the tangible history, countless varieties of bread, countless varieties of milk and other dairy products, and meeting people from all over the world! (So far? Hungary, Japan, Croatia, Finland, Australia, Ireland, and England! Exchange students love Lund University!)


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