It’s getting colder!

Hello, everyone! Erin, here 🙂

The mornings and nights are going below freezing point. How do I feel about this? I’m not sure. I’ve spent quite some time mentally preparing myself for the cold…we shall see how I fare. 😉

Time is going by a bit quicker than I expected. What have I been up to? I’m trying to prepare myself for my oncoming chemistry courses and Cultural Resource Management work. I’ve also been studying for my current courses and working on papers. Lately, there has been more learning and less sightseeing. It’s perfectly fine for now. We were fortunate to visit some very nice places and we have some more on our list; but finishing my last semester well and preparing myself for work in the field is much more important.

As for Mike? He has been an incredibly supportive husband, as usual. He’s been working on another freelance project for a client and doing most of the housework. What’s really amazing to me is the fact that he is helping me in my chemistry studies. No, not by reading me information during practice tests…he is making himself a student of chemistry. He is voluntarily taking on the exact same load, going through every lesson, and doing every shred of work with me. Wow! If that’s not evidence of devotion and love in its purest state, I don’t know what is.

The more exciting updates with pictures and videos are sure to follow. Now, I must get back to my research! I’m learning about death and burial in Scandinavian Viking Age society. Social structure, religion, and mythology are all reflected in these burials! I’ve learned a lot about these communities by focusing on their burials and concepts of death. I’ll share some of this information after I finish my paper. 🙂

If any of you have any requests, feel free to let us know! For example, if there is a particular site that you wanted us to visit, photograph, and record, we would be more than happy to put it on our list (provided it is within our budget.) I hope all of you back home in San Diego are soaking up the weather! I’m learning to do the same. 😉

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