The holidays are coming!

The holidays are getting closer and Erin and I are excited to see how Swedes celebrate. We’re going to a Halloween party on the 29th in the basement of the AF Borgen building…

AF Borgen

On Halloween night we’ll probably watch that disney movie Hocus Pocus and/or Nightmare Before Christmas. Those seem to be our Halloween traditions now.

Obviously Swedes don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but the university puts on a dinner for the American exchange students, so we’ll be going to that.

We want to see Christmas Eve mass in one of Cathedrals in Lund…or maybe both. Who knows? I can’t wait to hear that beautiful choir music echoing around the vaulted ceilings.

Christmas day we plan to spend a nice quiet (and hopefully snowy) day alone inside. If there is some sort of free out door Christmas event going on in the city we’ll probably go to that too.

It’s our first Christmas on our own and hopefully it will be our first white Christmas!

EDIT: Erin, here. 🙂 We forgot to mention the Christmas markets! Living in Malmö, we are fortunate to be so close to so many of them. During this time of year, shops compete in their window Christmas decorations! I hear it’s a sight to see! There will also be a ceremonial Christmas tree lighting in one of the Christmas markets, here. We will also take a 30-minute train ride to Copenhagen for a popular Christmas market in an amusement park. Another one on our list is Scandinavia’s largest Christmas market in Gothenburg! This one has more than 60 holiday booths with seasonal decorations, traditional food and drink, rides, ice-skating, and millions of lights! We are so excited to bundle up for our first white Christmas and browse Scandinavian Christmas markets. 🙂

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