Museums and Halloween!

Hello everyone! Erin, here. I recently had the opportunity to take a couple tours of museums in Lund. A couple of my professors took us through the exhibits and brought everything back to life! Here are some pictures.

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The visits taught me not only about Scandinavian Stone Age and Iron Age practices, but also about the organization and presentation of these artifacts. I was surprised to find that both professors were quite critical about the exhibits. The exhibits lacked cohesiveness. The presentation was kind of spread out all over the place. There was no chronological order. They also imposed modern day beliefs about cult practices by the way they created the dark tone…by the way they set the ominous mood. An objective mindset, crucial to the field of archaeology, was missing. What’s funny is that I would’ve never realized this if it weren’t for my professors. So much for all the “critical thinking” I’ve been trained to practice! I suppose I’ve just made a bad habit of visiting museums and accepting everything they have to offer in the way they choose to offer it. If we were dealing with art museums, then that perspective would be ok; but archaeology is about striving to be objective while we understand and accurately teach about past cultures. These visits have definitely benefited me! 🙂

Happy Halloween! We visited a Halloween party…complete with ghosts, ghouls, music, and food! …MEXICAN food, I might add! The enchiladas were pretty good…strangely combined with white rice, but still good. 🙂 We had quite an adventure after we left! Lund, in all its historical glory, is hypnotizing at night. It makes me uncomfortable to use this comparison for some reason, but it felt like we walked right into a movie! A Sherlock Holmes movie! The castle towers, massive canopy trees, and autumn leaves on the ground were transformed in the thick fog that glowed in the orange streetlights. Walking away from the street into the trees was something I would have loved to capture on video. Mike tried, but the camera couldn’t capture the light. All you would see is what looks like a forest of trees, dirt ground covered with fallen leaves, and scattered glowing light throughout the area. We walked to the cathedral and looked up to see the top of the tower fade into the fog. Words fail to describe the enchanting environment. What a strikingly beautiful environment and perfect for Halloween! 🙂 As far as the adventure goes, we basically got lost trying to find a rescheduled transport back to Malmö (because the trains were not operating) and met a couple awesome Swedish guys. We were all roaming around Lund together and having conversation before we found (to our surprise) the luxury charter bus that would take us back to Malmö! It was a great night.

We miss and love you all!

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