New Pic of the Week: Ancient Curse Tablet


I just put up a new Pic of the Week on the sidebar on the right. It is an ancient lead curse tablet like the kind I wrote about a few months ago [here]. If you click the picture you can see the whole story and the translation. It’s interesting stuff.

Free Archaeology Journals online for Open Access Week!

Click here and Here to check out free and open scientific journals on archaeology, anthropology, archaeometry, and conservation! Many of these will only be available until Nov 4th so download whatever you find interesting before then!

New reading material! “Lady with a Mead Cup”

I just checked out a very interesting book from the archaeology library. It’s called Lady with a Mead Cup: Ritual, Prophecy, and Lordship in the European Warband from La Tene to the Viking Age by Michael J. Enright. It seems to deal with the role of women, alcohol, and religion in the hierarchy of the Germanic and Celtic warband.

Chapters include:

I. Ritual, Group Cohesion, and Hierarchy in the Germanic Warband

II. Warlords, Hetzerinnen and Sibyls

III. The Liquor Ritual and the Basis of Lordly Power to Command Followers

IV. The Archaeology of Intoxication and the Continuity of Transalpine History
1. From Lubsow to te Vikings
2. From Hochdorf to the Gaels
3. Aspects of Continuity and Oral Culture

V. Warband Religion and the Celtic World.
1. Druids, Female Magic, and Weaving Beams
2. Wealhtheow
3. The Celto-Germanic Warband and the Rise of the Warlord
4. Governmental Forms
5. Mercury, Wodan, and the One-Eyed Warlord
6. Rosmerta and the Veleda
7. Mercury, Rosmerta, and a Concept of Rhineland Kingship
8. The Inauguration of the Warlord

VI. Conclusion

I can’t wait to dig in!